The Monastery of St. George

The Monastery of St. George

08/08/2016 • Under: Sights


Surrounded by dense pine forest, to the north of the village, is the monastery of St. George. It was founded in 1690 about and was restored in 1714, according to the inscription located on the wall between the portico and the nave. In 1957 it was considered a preservable historical monument.

In the years of Turkish occupation has been a spiritual and religious center, hearth supply and support of the population of the whole region of Tzoumerka. Fled here in the 1800’s the Souliotikes tribes of Mpotsari people. Here, gathered in the spring of 1821 the chieftains of Tzoumerka, of Radoviziou and Ksiromero to coordinate the war and to preach the revolution in the area of Arta. Here found shelter the people from Vourgareli when the Germans bombed and burned the village in 1943.

In the last few years, thanks to the love and care of sister Polichronia, the monastery is kept in excellent condition and attracts many pilgrims and visitors.

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