The Red Church

The Red Church

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The Red Church or the Panagia Vellas is one of the most important monuments created during the 13th century on the Continent the glorious dynasty of Komnino.

Located in the village of Palaiochori, 3 km south of Vourgareli. It was built in 1281, prior to the Parigoritissa in Arta, at the expense of Theodoros Tsimiskis, protostrator of the Byzantine Court. Is insert found a cruciform church with a single three-sided apse and a tripartite narthex.

The academic Anastasios Orlandos mentions about the name: The name Red Church is obviously due to the snappily red color of the bricks, from which is made the blog of the temple. Panagia Vellas is not named because of the relationship with the diocese or of the monastery of Vella, a town in ancient Fotiki, despite the river Thiami. By tradition it is also called “vasilomonastiro”, probably because it was once the catholicon (main church) “royal monastery, when it was abandoned , it became a dependency of the monastery of Vella , from where and the name.

In the frescoes which preserved in fragments with wear and tear, and date back to 1295, depicts saints and lay people, as the founders Theodoros Tsimiskis and his wife Maria, his brother Ioannis and his wife Anna, and despots Nikiforos and Anna.

The temple is dedicated to the Nativity of Theotokos and celebrates on September 8.

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